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28. Always 28.

28 and something, 28 minus something, never 29. I have always run after work or on weekends. As an antistress, my shoes and the people in the park, those who, by complicity gazes and nods with sweaty forehead, lap after lap have become friends. I have not been running for long, more or less from last year. I was watching TV and I said to myself: I need to get up from the couch and do something, I too want to run those large, beautiful, international marathons. And I did it, but I almost never got to the end. “You do it to participate”, they say, but not even in training I managed to overcome myself. 28 kilometres at most, and then I collapsed. Since then, every time I come cross a 28 I remember what are my limits and I think about how to overcome them. I learned one thing: boundaries are made to be overcome, but it takes patience, common sense and a lot of training.

So, today I am writing my next goal in black on white: 29.001 meters to run. Here is my number.

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