Every time
I thought of you

Every time I thought of you it was a plural thought. Numerous, crowded, full of round and indivisible moments. One leaned against the other, like us who are your strength and my strength. Every time I thought of you, it was a thought of gratitude, my life that has clothed itself in yours and has been wrapped and covered by it, protected and warmed up. In you and with you. Every time I thought of you it was at night, with my heart at peace, it was during the day, with my soul running. And you were with me, like a ring that you clasp between your fingers without even realising it, which you never take away, which touches with you all your days, which moves your own gestures. I gave you a gift that is all of this, the exact number of all the times I thought of you, starting from the first, on that stone and rain bench at the University: Piazza Dante, …

What is the number that encompasses what you are?
Enter the number and generate your Numbering

Bold & Thin

Two exclusive models,
three gold finishes,
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Numbering is more than a customised jewel.
It is a seal, the ring that identifies itself with you and
with your story. We are made of numbers, dates,
sums and subtractions, complex algorithms.
What is your number? We will transform it into a
unique object, your secret sintered in the metal.

Enter your number.
Select the model.
Choose the finish.

Multiplied or broken down by the
Numbering exponent, it will give the exact number of particles
that will make up your ring. It will be unique, the
seal of your value.


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