Our time

Multiply 365 by the number of your years, add what you need to complete leap years: these are the days that we know each other, from the cradle on which I climbed to peek at you to that of your Niccolò, auntie’s dearest.
You’re a sister, you’re a friend, you’re a partner, and you’ve always been. With the backpack on the shoulders coming back from school, 30 years later with that of our trip to Peru. On the Andes we told ourselves what the heart knows and often keeps silent, warmed only by stars never so close. Lima, Cusco, Arequipa and Puerto Maldonado. I have enclosed the stages of that journey, and of that other that is our life, in a ring, or rather two. I will always keep one, as I will always keep you; the other is the gift with which I say thank you.

How many moments have you really lived?
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Bold & Thin

Two exclusive models,
three gold finishes,
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Numbering is more than a customised jewel.
It is a seal, the ring that identifies itself with you and
with your story. We are made of numbers, dates,
sums and subtractions, complex algorithms.
What is your number? We will transform it into a
unique object, your secret sintered in the metal.

Enter your number.
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Multiplied or broken down by the
Numbering exponent, it will give the exact number of particles
that will make up your ring. It will be unique, the
seal of your value.


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