The words
that count

Alice is the only woman who manages to be obeyed by words. Especially the unspoken ones. Those that arrived in the morning, just waking up. Or those that arrive at any moment, stop for an instant, suspended – bouncing – looking up and the baby breath. She says “HELLO…” in that way that is always new and always the same. Then erases everything. Alice is BeautiFUL. Then she erases everything: the contours of the leaves, those under the tree, drawn by hand and pencil. Only the contours. The round and soft branches. The waves of the sea. Alice erases all the contours and leaves all the inside. Invisible. Unattainable by everyone. Almost.

Words start. Words end. You are infinite. Infinite.

And this is beautiFUL.

How important are your words?
Enter your phrase and create your Numbering

Bold & Thin

Two exclusive models,
three gold finishes,
a unique price

€ 69,00


Numbering is more than a customised jewel.
It is a seal, the ring that identifies itself with you and
with your story. We are made of numbers, dates,
sums and subtractions, complex algorithms.
What is your number? We will transform it into a
unique object, your secret sintered in the metal.

Enter your number.
Select the model.
Choose the finish.

Multiplied or broken down by the
Numbering exponent, it will give the exact number of particles
that will make up your ring. It will be unique, the
seal of your value.


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