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The uniqueness of craftsmanship, the technique of industry. We believe that the human, irrepressible,  necessary instinct to create beauty has reached a new stage. Level 3, which connects the ability to create unique and inimitable objects with the most advanced technological expertise. Level 3, to indicate a number. One of many, yet quite special. Infinite  meanings, but the same proportions. 3 as a nucleus, proton and electron, charged  and inseparable particles. Which in turn connect and bind themselves, becoming complex and  wonderful. We are made of the energy of numbers, of their secrets. We want to condense them into an object, the seal that encompasses who you are. We believe that your value is a value.

a unique ring

NumbeRing is the result of a craftsmanship process that makes each ring unique: the sintering of spherical bronze, a high-temperature treatment  that transforms small particles into an indivisible material. Each single ring is made by manually filling a metal mould with  raw bronze spheres, in the exact number calculated by the algorithm based on your number, your coordinates, your date. The circumference and size of the spheres may vary depending on the model you have chosen. At the pre-melting temperature, the particles are sintered and compacted. Like indivisible atoms. Once the shape has been acquired, the ring is subjected to galvanic baths: in rhodium for white gold, in ruthenium for black gold and in pink gold to acquire the pink hue.

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